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The Friends Of Friargate Bridge AGM on 20th January 2020 at 7.30pm

Just a quick reminder of The Friends Of Friargate Bridge AGM on 20th January 2020 at 7.30pm. The venue is The Greyhound, 75-76 Friargate, Derby, DE1 1FN. We have invited a couple of special guests to address the meeting and it should be very interesting to hear what they have to say. All are welcome but only existing members can vote at the meeting. If you would like to join on the night we will be welcoming new members. Come along and support us in our endeavour to restore this beautiful (or potentially so) Derby landmark. Come and meet the Trustees who will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the bridge

It would be criminal to lose listed structure

Our chairman, Howard Thomas has had the following letter published in today’s (24th July 2019) Derby Telegraph. Please contact us at: if you have any comments or would like to register your support. The more support we have gives us a greater influence to get the council to DO something!!

AGM Monday 4th February 2019

Our AGM on Monday was attended by a company of loyal Friends of Friar Gate Bridge, including once again a member who came all the way from Cambridgeshire.  

The existing trustees were re-elected and we are delighted to have elected two new ones: Cath Feely is a Senior Lecturer in History at the University with a special interest in the late 19th and 20th centuries; David Cross is from Rolls-Royce and has a strong programme management background.  We are glad of their involvement as individuals, and grateful for the support of the University and Rolls-Royce that they represent.  

We received the report of activities during the year, of which the main focus was our Heritage Lottery-funded Scoping Project.  The scoping project allowed us to do some work on our governance to ensure that we are a resilient organisation, and included an Options Study by Lathams Architects on potential uses of the Bridge.  Illustrations from Lathams’ report were on display at the meeting.  There was some discussion about next steps for the Bridge, acknowledging that it is difficult to move forward whilst plans for the adjoining Friar Gate Goods Yard and Bonded Warehouse remain unclear.  There was also some discussion of the need to seek alternative funding streams, as Heritage Lottery funding is becoming less readily available than in the past.

Finally, there was the opportunity to mingle and chat – and to sample the excellent wares of the Greyhound pub which very kindly provided our venue once again.

Cleaning and drainage

Scaffolding is now in place for drainage improvements and abutment cleaning by the City Council.  The outflow from the Bridge’s existing drainage channels will be improved by installing downpipes on the faces of the abutments and ducting the water across the pavements to the street gutters.  This should stop water running down the abutments, corroding the ends of the arch beams and turning the walls green.  The abutments will be cleaned by a water jetting process.  This is not part of the full restoration that we are working towards, but it will minimise deterioration in the meantime and make the scene under the Bridge a lot less dank and dismal.

Charity Horse Race Evening – 26 Jan 2018 at Rykneld Bowling Club

The Charity Horse Race Evening at Rykneld Bowling Club on  26 Jan 2018 went very well. Here is a report from their website:—26-jan-2018.html 

Our second Race Horse Evening in support of the Charity ‘Friends of Friar Gate Bridge’ (FFGB) took place in the Clubhouse on Friday 26 January 2018.

It was another ‘sell-out’ event and a great evening of entertainment – with the profits being split 50/50 with FFGB.
It was also the first opportunity to use our new Audio / Visual equipment – installed by Liam Kirkland and Martin – to whom we are most grateful.
Our thanks go to:-

1. The marketing team of Gordon Lathwell, Malcolm Holden, Elizabeth Heaton (FFGB) and Howard Thomas (FFGB) who found sponsors and pre-sold horses to some 56 ‘owners’.

2. The Race Sponsors:-
    • Race 1 – A W Lymn – The Family Funeral Service
    • Race 2 – Mary Moore – supported by Sainsbury’s and ASDA
    • Race 3 – Ted Goodhall (RVM)
    • Race 4 – The Housework Fairy
    • Race 5 – The Rykneld Cartel – John Dixon, Richard Knowles and Malcolm Holden
    • Race 6 – Batchelor Pads Lettings Agency
    • Race 7 – Littleover Betting Services.

3. Mary Moore for controlling the entrance door, selling raffle tickets and for running the ASDA raffle at the end of the evening. 

4. The ‘bookies’ – Joanne Lawton and Mandy Coons from FFGB, who provided the horse race video, race cards and made everything run smoothly on the evening.
5. Helen Legg, Sheila Knowles, Ann Lewis, Em Mansfield and Pat Bousefield for the catering at half-time.
6. Barrie Ladds for manning the bar throughout the evening.
7. Dennis Young for the closing vote of thanks to everyone for all their hard work in putting this event together.

Derby’s heritage under threat as five historic buildings put on at-risk register

An article in the Derby Evening Telegraph on 14th May 2017 states that Friargate Bridge has been put on the Derby Historic Building Trust’s “at-risk” register.

Read the article here:

Derby’s heritage under threat as five historic buildings put on at-risk register

In response to the article one of the Trustees said:

Friends of Friar Gate Bridge is continuing to work hard behind the scenes towards the restoration of the Bridge.  With the support of Derby City Council (the owner of the Bridge) we are preparing a bid for Heritage Lottery Scoping Project Funding as a next step towards determining a viable long-term use for the Bridge and its abutments.  The aim is to restore the Bridge so that it becomes an asset to the area once again, and provide it with an income stream to fund its upkeep so that it will not fall into disrepair again… 

Please consider joining Friends of Friar Gate Bridge to show your support for this lovely landmark.