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Posts published in “FFGB And The Council”

Cleaning and drainage

Scaffolding is now in place for drainage improvements and abutment cleaning by the City Council.  The outflow from the Bridge’s existing drainage channels will be improved by installing downpipes on the faces of the abutments and ducting the water across the pavements to the street gutters.  This should stop water running down the abutments, corroding the ends of the arch beams and turning the walls green.  The abutments will be cleaned by a water jetting process.  This is not part of the full restoration that we are working towards, but it will minimise deterioration in the meantime and make the scene under the Bridge a lot less dank and dismal.

Friar Gate Bridge Drainage

Some considerable time ago Derby City Council allocated funding to remedial work to minimise the deterioration of Friar Gate Bridge.  Some vegetation has already been removed, and work is due to start on 3rd April to improve the drainage and clean the abutments.  The Bridge’s in-built drainage channels are blocked, so it suffers from water pooling on the deck plates and running down the abutments.  The work is not part of the ultimate restoration but is a very welcome step to reduce the corrosion of the ironwork and improve the appearance of the stonework.

The Council and us

Friar Gate Bridge is owned by Derby City Council, and Friends of Friar Gate Bridge are keeping in touch with the Council’s Environment and Conservation officials with responsibility for the Bridge. On Monday 12th October a group of Friends of Friar Gate Bridge trustees met with Council officials to discuss our respective progress and plans. Derby City Council engineers are preparing a detailed schedule of work, with priorities and costings, for the Bridge. The Council officials are aware that we are keen to see a full restoration, and welcome our support in helping to achieve it.

The meeting was also attended by representatives of the Heritage Lottery Foundation. They gave helpful advice about how to approach bidding for HLF funding, and recommended applying for a start-up grant of up to £10,000 to fund work on the options for the Bridge. It’s likely that we will in due course make a funding bid to the HLF in partnership with the City Council.