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Posts published in June 2017

12 June 2017 Trustees’ meeting

Here are some key points from the FFGB trustees’ meeting on 12 June 2017:

  • Our Scoping Project bid will very soon be submitted to the Heritage Lottery Fund, thanks to splendid work by Malcolm Holden in preparing briefs, obtaining quotations and drafting the bid.  If the funding is granted it will pay for a professional viability study on potential economic uses of the Bridge, and a governance review to help ensure that FFGB is resilient enough to complete the restoration.
  • We are documenting our processes and project risks to ensure that we organise ourselves effectively and anticipate potential problems.
  • We are very happy to welcome four new volunteers, thanks to Mike Wingfield’s publicity for FFGB in Rolls-Royce and on Nextdoor.